REGSHARE Ltd. was founded in 2018. Its main activity in the beginning was focused on providing regulatory services in the field of biocidal industry, in particular the processing of registration dossiers. In addition, from the beginning we have been developing new types of packaging for chemical products. The company, although very young, has already obtained its first patents for its products. Another application, this time for a European patent, has also been filed. Thanks to our technical solutions, users will be protected from the undesirable properties of biocidal and non-biocidal products. Our technical solutions also have the advantage of significantly protecting the environment by reducing the number of trucks that would otherwise be needed to distribute the products.
We have made significant use of 3D printing in our development. We have worked with proprietary materials that are not commonly used in 3D printing. Thanks to the experience we gained, we decided to expand our activities to the production of commonly used materials for 3D printing. We want to offer quality products that can withstand comparison with the highest quality products on the world market. We buy raw materials from proven European suppliers, during production we make sure that the material is properly dried, wound, has a precise diameter with a minimum deviation, well packaged and at attractive prices.

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